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Resume is the third release in Ghost Against Ghost’s dark-romantic still love conceptual series. This epic 9-minute track begins with vast, sci-fi fields of gothic Vangelis-like distorted synths, moves into a sequence of melodic, down-tempo shoe-gazer verses, and then pushes into a beautiful web of choral voices, weaving Baroque contrapuntal lines around a heavy bass and drum groove. The vocal area gently ends and the music drops into a massive, slow and heavy sound wall over a Black Sabbath inspired groove. From here we end in an uptempo, psycho-circus, disco-electronica section that strangely blends mid-70’s Pink Floyd disco grooves with beautifully wild, classical sounding lines to create a sort of vintage sonic futurism.

With Resume, Bono once again delivers a work that weaves the heavy sound walls of post-rock influences with contemporary classical and electronic influences that uniquely identifies the Ghost Against Ghost sound.

Lyrically, Bono continues the gender reversaltechnique of the still love releases where the words are sung from a female perspective and examines the river of difficult emotions that surround a divorce. In Resume, rhetorical questions are continuously asked to the leaving lover about the boundaries of their love, and where perhaps, on a more cosmic level, it may begin again.

1) Resume [8:44]


Written, Produced and Arranged by Christopher Bono

Christopher Bono- Vocals, synths, guitars, piano, programming, engineering
Thomas Pridgen- Drums
Anthony Molina- Programming, Engineer
Jeremy Kinney- Engingeer, Editing

Mixed by Christopher Bono
Mastered by Greg Calbi
Recorded at Our Silent Canvas' Apollo 37 Studios
© 2016 Our Silent Canvas


Would you love me if we were reborn again?
Would you touch me even with future children.
Will you want me when I decay?

Would you love me If I was picture perfect?
Would you hold me close yet distant?
Will You Haunt Me?
Cause i am doomed to love you.

Would you trust me If I denied my secrets?
Would you leave me for a weakness?

Could this just be routine?
And we are born again
Entangled in this dream,
as young Americans?
We wake in tiny towns in 1953,
two post war children bound
to sail a cyclic stream.

Will you love me?
Cause I resume,
To love you.