Dear World,

Below is a detailed look at the sketch process towards producing an album as complex and broad in scope as Still Love. From the sketching out of ideas on an acoustic piano, to writing out a score based on the structure of each track, you'll see how this thin, skeleton becomes the dense madness that marks the final version.

As a student of life and music, I always sought out ways to learn about an artist's process, particularly bridging the gap between studio production, electronic music and classical concepts of counterpoint, harmony and through composition. For those music nerds out there, this is for you.
It may be hard to imagine the sounds as being walls of synths, distortion, electronics and choral voices, but that is what is coming.


01_Still Love

Part 1 (Heavy Sludge, Apocalyptic, Dark Intro)

Part 2 Instrumental Section

Check this out, it get's super intense. If you listen you'll hear the areas where it's calling out for you to absolutely.... KILL IT.


Part 3 OUTRO

Just showing the outro and and the instrumental, you're not hearing the easy parts...


02_The River of the Intimate

6/8 primarily, searching for the groove, but the obvious entry points for the drums is when things start to get intense, you'll sense it. Pay special attention to the area starting at 4:53, you'll notice it gets intense.

Part 1 (Romantic, emotive, post-rockish introduction)


Part 2 Main Song. Three Verses, then an extended out leading to the epic out build.


Part 3  Epic Out Build

This is very sigur ros like, but we need to make it different from them, you can imagine it getting very BIG.




03_Resume (8:30)


This track is a slow, heavy psychedelic, dream, shoegazer groove. But the end is uptempo and crazy, and an opportunity for you to really freak out, but with precision.

Resume Part 1 with Synths and Vocals

Resume Full Track Midi Piano Demo



Resume End (Part 2)

The track breaks into an uptempo groove here, and gets a little crazy, I think you can easily see how you could make it awesome.




This track is kind of like a Neil Young/My Morning Jacket Inspired post rock track. It's a straight up approach with some room for creativity. The challenge with it is to create the huge dynamic build that happens over a long period of time, several verses and instrumental breaks in between. But by the end we have to save dynamic room to blow it out and be super intense and heavy.



Out, ambient track.